18 /11/ 2022   –   12/03/2023

Carte blanche au CEEJA, Centre Européen d’Etudes Japonaises d’Alsace



This exhibition presents the art and talent of Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) around two sets of his prints: the thirty-six views of Mount Fuji in a version recently printed by the Takahashi Kôbô workshop and a set of 30 plates of the Manga, from the private collection of Uragami Mitsuru.


This exhibition is part of the 160th anniversary of Alsace-Japan relations organised by the CEEJA.


The exhibition is curated by a Japanese team led by Mr Endô Tetsuhisa and Ms Yasui Hiromi from the Japan International Hokusai Academic Foundation.

Although wallpaper has its own history, linked to its techniques and use, certain wallpapers patterns are part of the more general history of images. For example, some of the designs produced by European manufacturers at the end of the 19th century were influenced by the Japanese culture that the West was discovering. Japanese prints in particular became a source of inspiration, sometimes quoted directly, as in this wallpaper from the Rixheim collections, which uses three prints, including two by Hokusai.

Thus, alongside the CEEJA exhibition, 65 wallpapers illustrate the different currents of Japonism in the decorative arts.


Papier peint
Manufacture Anonyme, avant 1892
Papier continu, fond mat, impression mécanique, 19 couleurs
Musée du Papier peint, Inv. 987 PC 136, Fonds Claude Frères

Les médaillons formés par des branches sont ornés de paysage copiant ces trois estampes :

Utagawa HIROSHIGE (1797- 1858), Lueur du soir à Seta, 7e vue de la série d‘estampes Les huit plus belles vues de la province Omi de 1834.

Katsushika HOKUSAI (1760- 1849), Le Fuji rouge dans une embellie, dit aussi Le Mont Fuji par temps clair, 2e vue de la série d’estampes Trente-six vues du mont Fuji, vers 1831-1834

Katsushika HOKUSAI (1760- 1849), Les champs de Fujimi dans la province d’Owari, dit aussi Le Mont Fuji vu des rizières, dans la province d’Owari, 10e vue de la série d’estampes Trente-six vues du mont Fuji, vers 1831-1834