Life of the collection

The Museum collection is far from immobile. It is continually being expanded; the display in the rooms is completely renewed each year according to the exhibitions being held and some works are lent to other museums.

Renewal of the display

The collection regularly increases in size due to acquisitions made in public auctions or from dealers and received by way of donations from individuals and wallpaper companies. Restorers, approved by the Ministry of Culture, are sometimes commissioned to carry out restoration work on damaged pieces so that they can be displayed in an exhibition. In order to preserve the paper, which is sensitive to light, wallpaper is not on permanent display but rotates between two temporary exhibitions on the first floor and the second floor of the Museum. The rest of the collection is kept in reserve.




The Wallpaper Museum frequently lends works from its collection to exhibitions dedicated to the decorative arts, in France and abroad.

Détail, rouleau de papier peint, Manufacture Anonyme, Années 1970, inv. 2016.3.1, Achat chez un antiquaire


The Museum regularly accepts donations from individuals, be they rolls of wallpaper, panels, preparatory sketches, wallpaper removed from walls or technical equipment which has sometimes been kept for several generations. The Museum sincerely thanks all of its donors who contribute to the preservation of these items of décor for future generations; whether they are humble wall-coverings or masterpieces, they may form part of future exhibitions put on by the Museum.
Likewise, several wallpaper companies have generously donated their products thereby further enhancing the Museum collections.